n the 16th day, it will be the main ceremony for the new born baby. It is the naming ceremony for the child where prayers are done before naming the child. They pray to the goddess of baby to protect the child from all evil things.


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1Manjal (Turmeric powder)50g26Kari (Charcoal)1 pkt
4Navathaniyam1 packet /200g29Saffron1 packet
5White thread3 Roll30New clothes for the family (Pattu Thuni)2 sets
6Soodam1 pkt31$1 coins (to be provided by customer)16
7Sambrani100g32Nel1 packet /250g
8Rock sugar (Kalkandu)100g33Betal leaves and nuts$4
9Rose water bottle (Paneer bottle)250m L34Apple6
10Honey100m L35Orange6
11Nel pori1 packet36Grapes1/2 kg
12Lamp oil1 bottle / 5 Litres37Guava3
13Wick (theeri)1 packet38Mango3
14Milk1 litre39Banana20
15Viboothi1 packet40Thalai Banana Leaf - Mooku Banana Leaf4
16Sandanam1 packet41Flower Garland ($10)2
17Raw rice1 kg42Flower Garland ($5)2
18Lime343Jasmine Flower Ball1
19Pumpkin (Poosanikaai)144Loose Flowers (Rose)$3
20Agarbathi (Oothubathi)2 packets45Lotus Flower4
21Homa Saaman Packet$1046Yogurt1 cup
22Homa stick447Spoon3
23Sand2kg48Kopparai Coconut1
24Cow urine (Chomium)1 packet49Kungumum4
25Mango leaves5 leaves