AVT | Anti Vibration Technology : With a Vibration Level at only 7.0m/s2 Due to : Anti Vibration Grip Counterweight Mechanism Vibration Absorbing Handle AFT | Active Feedback sensing Technology : Turns the motor off if bit rotation is suddenly forced to stop For HR001G and HR002G only Redesigned Tool Balance for Increased Operability : The tool's center of gravity is located as close to the handle grip as possible, providing more control and less fatigue Light Weight @ only 3.9kg for HR001G with BL4025 : 2.5Ah) AWS | Auto-start Wireless System : connects to compatible vacuum cleaner with Bluetooth. The Vacuum cleaner automatically runs while the switch is on (HR001G/HR002G) Work amount on a full battery charge (BL4025 : 2.5Ah) : Able to drill about 120 holes of depth 60mm (2-3/8") with a Ø12.5mm bit Color: Blue Weight(KG): 4.200