Let it shine with Nippon Paint Bodelac 9000, the super gloss paint with a bright, tough finish. With its striking, intense colours, this brilliant super gloss enamel paint makes it easy to give metals a warm glow, or wood a cool, glossy finish. Providing excellent coverage and fungus resistance, Bodelac 9000 is perfect for use on primed wood and metal surfaces, both internally and externally. Features Super gloss and matt finishes for wood & metal surfaces Good hiding power Anti-fungus Protects against corrosion Excellent adhesion to wood & metal surfaces Long-lasting colours Easy to apply Durable No Lead or Mercury added Package Contents Include 1 Litre Nippon Bodelac 9052 Gloss White 1pc Drop Sheet 1pc Nippon 1.5in Paint Brush Color: Gloss White 9052 Weight(KG): 1.000