Nippon Paint Pylox METALLIC Colours Spray Paint 400CC Specially formulated with aluminium flakes to give that extra sparkle & ultra-high reflective quality for a shiny, high-tech effect. (For maximum gloss & protection apply PYLOX 001 Lacquer on top of the metallic colour) An acrylic modified alkyd nitro-cellulose paint that is specially formulated for decorative and protective purposes. It is suitable for both interior and exterior purposes. Pylox is a multi purpose quick dry spray paint that is also ozone- friendly (CFC-free) and non-toxic. It can cure extremely fast and provides good adhesion on various surfaces. It also has a good film properties such as hardness and flexibility. Comes in a wide selection of colours in gloss metallic and fluorescent finishes Pylox quick-dry performance spray paint not only protects it can also restore or transform surfaces to create a fresh new look. Features Gloss finish comes in a wide selection of colours available in metallic pearl silver and gold colours. Can be used on metal wood and paper surfaces Excellent gloss and colour retention Quick and easy application Protects and beautifies Superior quality Quick-drying Washable Ozone-friendly (CFC free) Non-toxic Weight(KG): 0.400