Chrome Vanadium Steel Suitable for Heavy Duty Impact Drivers Spring Loaded Ball Bearing on Head Holds Sockets Securely Suitable for Quick Change 1/4" Chuck Systems or Directly into Drill Chuck Change Your Hand Socket Set Into A Driven Socket Set This set is perfect for your impact driver or drill, and allows you to replace your ratchet with a power tool These impact ready adapters are rated for the most demanding of applications (2000 in/lb of torque) The 1/4" hex shank fits all quick change chucks as well as standard drill chucks Specification: 1/4" x 65mm Long, 3/8" x 65mm Long, 1/2" x 73mm Long All Sockets Standard 1/4" Hex Shank You are purchasing a brand new three piece Socket Adapter Set that includes DW2541IR (1/4" hex shank to 1/4" socket), DW2542IR (1/4" hex shank to 3/8" socket), and DW2547IR (1/4" hex shank to 1/2" socket) adapters Color: Drop Forged Grey Metal Weight(KG): 0.100