Making chapatis / rotis is now just a matter of few seconds with this Chefmaster CLASSIQUE Chapati / Roti / Tortilla Maker. Say goodbye to the rolling pin and the time spent in the kitchen to roll chapatis, not to forget the heat and mess that prevails on the kitchen table while you make them. With this chapati / roti maker, rolling and cooking chapatis / rotis is done in less than a minute. The Heating Elements on both the top and bottom plates ensure that the chapatis / rotis are not just rolled into a round shape but also cooked at the same time. The Dupont Teflon coating with quality seal ensures that the chapatis / rotis are not burnt and are perfectly cooked. It is a boon to the new kitchen entrants, as you need not worry about the perfect round shape of the chapatis / rotis. This roti maker by Chefmaster ensures that the rotis are round, soft, fluffy, and cooked right. The VDE approved thermostat from Germany senses the temperature of the product when in use, and ensures that the required temperature is maintained. This is ensured by supplying just the right amount of power at that point. This ensures the temperatures are in control and the quality of the chapatis / rotis does not get affected. The double insulated 'TEFLON' wires are used for internal wiring, giving an assurance of safety. The stainless steel outer cover gives it an elegant look and facilitates ease of cleaning. This two in one product for rolling and cooking chapatis / rotis is a must for every household. The wide diameter of the product helps in making chapatis / rotis that are bigger in size. This multipurpose chapati / roti maker can also be used for making pancakes, pappads, toasts, etc. The Teflon coating ensures that no oil is required for cooking these products.

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